Never get a single drop of paint on you while you own a lucrative and exciting painting franchise! Low start up costs! Fast return on investment!

    We want you to start earning a return on your investment as fast as possible. We have systems and support in place to help you ramp up your franchise office as fast as possible. 

    Getting a lucrative return on a your investment in a franchise model does not mean you have to spend a fortune to get started.

Grab a piece of a $300 billion dollar industry

Americans are projected to spend over $300 billion on home improvements in 2019. Over $40 Billion will be spent on painting alone and that number is growing! With a strong housing market, many painting companies are focusing their efforts on new construction, making the demand for painting services in home improvement higher than ever. 

In an industry dominated by amateurs and “do it yourself” homeowners, Painter Bros offers a much needed professional approach. For over 15 years Painter Bros has provided unmatched customer service and expertise for home improvement projects, interior, exterior, residential, commercial, cabinet painting, or specialty finishes. As a franchisee you will join an elite team providing quality experience to a HIGH demand service.

Proprietary Technology 

We want you focused on making a profit not busy work. We provide our franchisees with proprietary software that makes their business operations hassle free. 

Initial Investment

 There are numerous factors that influence this investment including the size of your territory. The initial investment typically ranges from $35,000-$70,000. 

Time to first dollar

It's incredibly important to us that our franchisees start making money as fast as possible. Our franchise location's cashflow is our number one concern in the corporate office! 

Keep the lion's share

Our royalty fees enable us to provide you with valuable support while allowing you to keep the majority of your hard earned profits. We want you to experience as much success as humanly possible.

Tangible Value

  • Our marketing systems have consistently delivered profitable leads. 
  • Our corporate call center manages all incoming calls for you and even schedules appointments on your calendar.
  • Our proprietary estimating software allows you to produce an on site estimate and close more bids.